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Serial LCD Module

Serial LCD Module


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Superseded by the Serial OLED Module (AXE131) but we do still have discounted stocks of the older AXE033 PCB module (provide your own LCD/OLED screen).

The 'serial interface' PCB fitted with a PICAXE controller chip and may be used with a 16x2 LCD or OLED screen. Module requires soldering to the screen with the supplied headers. An optional DS1307 & CR2032 cell (not included) can be added to give real time clock capabilities.

The on-board PICAXE chip is provided pre-programmed with the open-source firmware which allows this PICAXE chip to act as a 'slave' serial driver for the OLED display. This allows your main project to display text on the serial OLED via simple serout commands, such as -

serout B.7, N2400, ("Hello")

The AXE033 firmware can be accessed by using File, Open Samples in the Programming Editor and selecting the "AXE033 Serial LCD.bas" file.

Product Datasheet (PDF)

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