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MP3 Player Module

MP3 Player Module


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A low cost serial MP3 project board for playing music / speech and MIDI files in your PICAXE project. Simply save your music MP3 files from your computer onto a microSD card (not included) and then insert the micro SD card into the MP3 playback module (the speaker and fully assembled DFPlayer style MP3 module are included as part of this self-assembly project kit).

By connecting 3 wires to the project board (signal, power, ground) you can then play any track (and adjust the sound volume) by using simple serial commands. If desired an additional 'BUSY' feedback signal may also be fed back to the PICAXE chip (so that you can detect when the tune has stopped). Playback may also be controlled manually via the 3 switches on the project board - play, next track/volume+, previous track/volume-

The optional PICAXE-14M2 kit is a self assembly project kit that links directly to the MP3 board and enables the playback of multiple music/speech and MIDI MP3 files via a PICAXE-14M2 chip, so is ideal for rapid prototyping. 

Additional kit contains:

  1. PICAXE-14M2 microcontroller, PCB and components
  2. Two LED outputs
  3. LDR (no longer included due to RoHS regulations)
  4. Two spare outputs (e.g. for servo or serial LCD)
  5. One spare input

This module requires a microSD card (not included). 

Product Datasheet (PDF)

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