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PICAXE-28X2 Starter Pack

PICAXE-28X2 Starter Pack


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This PICAXE-28X2 Starter Pack is based on the popular 28 pin Project Board (AXE020).

The 28 pin Project Board is compatible with any PICAXE 28 pin microcontrollers, and this 'starter pack' includes a PICAXE-28X2.

The 'starter pack' includes both the project board, AXE027 download cable and a battery box. The software needed is free, so all extra you need to get started, is a computer and batteries. Furthermore, free training resources and tutorials are provided in the PICAXE manual (Part 1 - Getting Started).

The 28 pin Project Board (AXE020) comes fully assembled, and has the following key features:

  • All necessary components for any of the PICAXE 28-line of microcontrollers to operate
  • IC sockets (to easily replace the PICAXE microcontrollers and add an optional motor driver)
  • Darlington driver buffer chip, that enables you to connect higher power output devices (such as motors, solenoids, relays) directly to the board (current up to 500mA)

Furthermore the board can be upgraded with the following:

  • L293D motor driver (ICO030)

Adding the full range of upgrades will allow it to simultaneously control 2 motors.

This starter kit can be used with any software application that supports the PICAXE hardware, including the free PICAXE Editor 6

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