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PICAXE-28X2 microcontroller

PICAXE-28X2 microcontroller


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A very popular enhanced X2 PICAXE microcontroller. Favoured in hobbyist projects due to its powerful features and capabilities, but also suitable for more advanced educational use. This is the universal voltage version 28X2 chip (based on the PIC18F25K22).

The 28X2 supports up to 22 inputs/outputs with 16 analogue/touch sensor channels with an operating speed up to 16MHz using an internal oscillator and up to 64MHz using an external resonator or crystal. This chip supports 4 internal and up to 32 external program slots and is capable of acting as an i2c slave device.

PICAXE X2 series parts support enhanced features such as configurable i/o pins, ring tone music and touch sensor inputs, up to 64MHz operation with i2c, spi and high-speed serial with background receive. Scratchpad memory plus separate Data EEPROM and Data Table, and multiple program slots are supported. Please see the PICAXE X2 Product Briefing for further details on the PICAXE X2 parts.

Also available as the AXE201 Module for rapid breadboarding use. 

Product Datasheet (PDF)

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