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PICAXE-08M2 Rudolph project

PICAXE-08M2 Rudolph project


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Rudolph is our ever popular Xmas special!

This project in an ideal introduction to electronics and first PICAXE project, using an 8 pin microcontroller to create a programmable interactive Christmas decoration with green LED 'eyes', a piezo sounder 'voice' that can play Christmas tunes and of course a large 10mm red flashing 'LED' nose.

Rudolph can be programmed to react to touch (via a push switch) and play a tune of your choice (naturally 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer' is always a popular choice!).

The full kit Includes PCB and all electronic components for the main Rudolph PCB, including a PICAXE-08M2 chip and sounder. Requires simple soldering.

The optional infra-red upgrade kit includes the additional components for the small remote control PCB. This allows the Rudolph PCB to be triggered remotely by 3 small push switches, controlled by a second PICAXE-08M2 chip that transmits out infra-red control signals.

The PICAXE chip can be programmed using any software application that supports the PICAXE hardware, including the free PICAXE Programming Editor .

Due to RoHS regulations the LDR is no longer included in this kit.

Product Datasheet (PDF)

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