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BLE Bluetooth BLED112 USB Dongle

BLE Bluetooth BLED112 USB Dongle


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Bluegiga bluetooth smart low energy USB dongle to add bluetooth BLE support to any computer, including older systems like Windows XP and 7. This BLED112 adapter may be used with LEGO WeDo 2.0 software. The Bluegiga BLED112 is a small BLE dongle that plugs into the USB port of your computer to add BLE (aka Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth Low Energy) communication.

The BLED112 is unique in that it does NOT require any special bluetooth software/stack/support within the operating system, so will work quite happily on almost any computer, including old systems that do not normally support BLE (e.g. Windows XP or 7). The BLED112 will work with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook. It is ideal for use in schools.

Once again the BLED112 is NOT a conventional bluetooth adapter. It is a ‘BLE to serial’ adapter dongle and creates a virtual COM port for communication. This is how it can work with older computer systems that do not support BLE by default.

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