Surface Mount PICAXE

PICAXE microcontrollers are available as both through hole (DIP) and surface mount (SOIC/TQFP) types.

DIP microcontroller

Most hobbyist and school customers use 'through hole' DIP (also known as DIL) PICAXE microcontrollers. These are easily inserted into low-cost IC sockets that are soldered onto the PCB. Use of IC sockets allows the microcontroller to be removed or replaced if required.

SOIC microcontroller

However commercial customers generally prefer PICAXE microcontrollers in surface mount (sm) format, for these parts please select the appropriate surface mount packaging type on the main product ordering page.


Surface mount parts are normally supplied in tubes (40X2 TQFP in trays), we can supply tape and reel to special order on large orders only (>3000 parts). 

We also offer a pre-programming service for OEM orders. This means the chip is supplied pre-programmed with the customer's PICAXE code, which can often greatly reduce manufacturing time of an OEM board.