Educational Pricing

To support PICAXE use in education we can supply PICAXE chips in bulk tube quantities. We can also supply the PICAXE-08M2 project PCBs/chips in bulk.

These parts are only available to educational customers for order offline by purchase order (all UK schools have an automatic 30 day account).

Official school purchase orders should be emailed to


AXE009M2  PICAXE-08M2 (tube 60) £108.00 (exc. VAT)
AXE018M2 PICAXE-14M2 (tube 30) £66.00 (exc. VAT)
AXE016M2 PICAXE-18M2 (tube 25) £57.50 (exc. VAT)
AXE013M2 PICAXE-20M2 (tube 22) £60.50 (exc. VAT)
AXE013X2 PICAXE-20X2 (tube 22) £83.60 (exc. VAT)
AXE092D Experimenter PCB + 08M2 (min. 120) £1.25 (exc. VAT)
AXE101D Cyberpet PCB + 08M2 pair (min. 120) £1.25 (exc. VAT)
AXE102D Alarm PCB + 08M2 pair (min. 120) £1.25 (exc. VAT)
AXE105D Dice PCB + 08M2 pair (min. 120) £1.25 (exc. VAT)
AXE130D Simple PCB + 08M2 pair (min. 120) £1.25 (exc. VAT)